Envato Product Research for Authors

Analyze and Understand the Volumes and Opportunities of similar products before making a new product.

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How it Works

Start a new Product Research with Frequency

Start a new Product Research and set the frequency of your choice to track the sales volume.

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Add the existing similar products to the research

Add all the possible existing products to the List of Product Research to start tracking their daily sales volumes.

Track and Analyze the Daily Sales Volume

Analyze & Understand the data better which is collected by the system of daily sales volumes for each added product.

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Identify the possible Opportunity

Make a better data-driven decision for your next product based on the total sales volume of existing products.

Our Features

Track Daily Downloads

Track daily purchase volumes across all existing products and total volume across all products.

Identify Top Products

Identify the top products that customers are purchasing most and build a better strategy.

Validate Possible Opportunity

Validate the opportunity to build a product based on tracked data and see what kind of growth is there.



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